Saturday, September 15, 2007

Streams/Direct Downloads: Absolutely Untraceable

I'd recommend anime downloaders to use: (Premium direct downloads) (Direct downloads) (Streams)

Streams and direct downloads are untraceable because:
1. Logs:
- Internet traffic logs CAN ONLY be accessed by THE POLICE in cases of NATIONAL SECURITY. Not by Odex for suing downloaders.
- You CANNOT find illegal downloads from logs. It doesn't show enough information to count as evidence.
- Searching through logs requires the searcher to at least have some knowledge of what he's looking for. Without your IP address (they will never get your IP if you use direct download/stream), their search for illegal downloads amongst a haystack of usage logs will be super tedious.
2. Complication of third-parties:
-When you stream/direct download, you access the files via a third-party server, which are in most cases located in US.
-If Odex wishes to obtain your IP address or any information regarding whatever file you are downloading, they will have to first sue that third-party company, which would cost millions as it's a cross-border lawsuit.
-Even if Odex does succeed in suing the third-party server, their DMCA policy is just to remove the files in question. They will only reveal your particulars to revelant authorities (such as the police, not Odex) if what you are downloading is illegal stuff like child porn (animes don't count as illegal).

Outline of how Odex snares their "victims":
1. They find a torrent containing an anime they own the licence.
2. They open the torrent in a BT client.
3. They look at the peers list and pick out Singaporeans.
4. They get a court order for Singnet/Starhub to reveal the particulars of the users of the IP address.
That's how they find their targets to sue.